Saturday, February 26, 2022

I was not alone

I thought you might like to see what the others accomplished at retreat.

Sharon finished Flapjacks, a FQ Shop pattern ...

... then she finished assembling Stretched Star Sampler, her grand-daughter's graduation quilt that she began in November.  (Note:  she fixed the bottom corners before calling it "done")

Susan's RSC Buckeye Beauty blocks above Doughnuts ...

Ari's sampler (I forgot to get the pattern name) ...

Becky's Ombre Ripple ...

Kim made a sweet I Spy baby quilt ...

Donna was determined to finish Rhododendron Trail and came one border short of a finish.

There were lots of other little accomplishments here and there.  All-in-all, a most enjoyable retreat!


  1. those are some really good looking projects - I think you must have had a great time!

  2. Very fun projects. Looks like everyone did really well on the making progress front.

  3. I envy you these get togethers, Libby. Lovely quilting to see and be inspired by. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Always a wonderful selection of projects and finishes, Libby. Thanks for sharing!

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