Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Blast From the Past

... really far back!

Several bloggers have what they call "Throwback Thursday" and I've been pondering how I might participate .... what could I drag up?  Krista at  Krista Quilts is using her Throwback Thursday to focus on some of her early works and I've decided to accept her challenge to take a look at some of my early works as well as some family quilts.

. . . .

I was not raised in a house with quilts.  We slept under blankets and bedspreads.  There were a couple of quilts in the cedar chest and periodically I would sneak a look at them, wondering why they were so special to be kept out of sight.

By the time my mother, The Mama, took up quilting I was married with young children and my sewing was devoted to dressing myself and the boys.  I had no time to have an interest in quilting or quilt history.  (Oh, if I could only turn back time!)

Since my sister-in-law showed an interest, she and  my older brother inherited the two pieced quilts.

My favorite features a variation of Sunbonnet Sue and Sailor (?) Sam.  It's about crib size.  Now that I know a little bit about quilt history, I suspect it may have been made for my oldest brother Billy (born 1937) who only lived to about age 2.  The quilt is in pretty much pristene condition and my brother has it displayed on a stairwell wall.

The second one is covered in Kate Greenway redwork embroidery.

The quilt is dated 1896 -- about the time my maternal grandmother married so perhaps it was made in anticipation of children.  My mother, an only child, was born in 1909.  Again, as I remember it, it is in near pristine condition.

Kinda makes one wonder -- who were they made for, and why were they saved?


Next week I'll show the one quilt I did inherit -- a crazy quilt made from my grandfather's suits.

I encourage you to visit Krista's blog to see what others are showing.

I'm also linking up with Quarter Inch from the Edge.



  1. Those quilts are beautiful! It's wonderful that they have been preserved in your family. Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday. I'm looking forward to next week's post - crazy quilts are fun.

  2. I love both of these! What treasures! At least you can visit them :).

  3. I too was raised in a house without quilts... the only ones I knew of lived in the rarely opened cedar chest. Guess that's why I insist that quilts I make and give away are used... preferably until they crumble to bits. Thanks for linking up at my version of Throwback Thursday!

  4. What a great link to your family heritage. Do you ever think about recreating one or both of them?

  5. Amazing! The condition is mind blowing! Did they make them to be used? I don't see how with the pristine condition! Just plain WOW!

  6. Beautiful quilt! What treasures.

  7. They both are lovely and it great condition, what a treasure!

  8. The Sunbonnet quilt is just beautifully done, with the graceful red and blue chains. You are lucky to have it. A dear friend had a collection of red work, mostly pillowcases or shams. They blend so nicely with the old quilts. Thanks for showing them.


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