Sunday, August 23, 2015

When the Dam Breaks ...

... It just keeps flowin'

I had done a pretty good job of keeping the purchases in check this year -- mainly because I've become a stitching hermit and I delete quilt shop emails without even reading them.  But once I started buying, well ....

Another trip to The Quilting Squares resulted in 4.25 yards in.  I needed some less-busy fabrics to neutralize the active prints in this Five and Dime project.

Five and Dime
All the blocks are made, just waiting for a design wall (or floor) big enough to hold them.

A $5/yd purchase from a friend gave me an additional 6 yards.  Red, yellow, and purple tone-on-tones are always useful.  I had already gone through as much from an earlier purchase several years ago and I was pleased that she still had some in stock (and that she could locate it after two recent moves).

Weekly Stash Report -August 23, 2015
     In last week:            10.25 yards
     Out last week:          00.00 yards
     In year to Date:       150.25 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:   121.50 yards
     Net Used                   28.75 yards

At this point last year I had purchased more, also used more, and still I was 35.75 in the hole.  So I'm improving, right?

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  1. Purchases for a purpose or bargain prices for yardage you know you'll use are all good. I agree, much better to delete all those emails than to be tempted.

  2. I like how this is turning out! Looking forward to seeing more of it. I haven't gotten my machine unpacked since the retreat! I did get those four quilts delivered to the quilter and picked up a queen-sized one of mine that I have to bind now, as soon as I can get the binding made and attached - maybe next weekend. :-P Sharon B in Franklin


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