Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Retreat Update

Have you ever had a day ( or two) like this?

After greeting everyone and making a nest, my first task was to bind Cathedral Stars.  All went well till I realized I had not made enough binding.  To be honest, I think that binding really went with something else, but it matched so I grabbed it.  I did have the foresight to bring extra fabric JIC.   So I made a bit more, got to the end and cut the 45 degree connection in the wrong direction! 

What really steams me is I recently bought a new binding tool that would prevent me from making this mistake, but did I pack it?  NO

I'd show a picture except that I picked up the phone connector instead of the camera connector so can't download any photos yet ...

Binding on Black and Tan Pineapple went well; however, I didn't attempt the join.  That will wait till I can get home to the tool.

Some assembly on Candy Dish was accomplished before it was time to go to bed.  That was successfully finished this morning, along with the back.  I was on a roll! 

Or so I thought .... I was all set to put the borders on Classic 4-Patch, forgot I planned to miter the corners and cut the border too short.  As I analyzed how to fix it I realized I didn't have enough fabric to do that.  I needed food at that point.

After lunch, halfway into assembling the border rows for Radically Random the tension messed up and I jammed the needle threader off it's track.  Thankfully I had the foresight to pack my normal retreat machine -- only because I thought I might need some of the tools I carry with it.

Pack up machine 1, unpack machine 2, unsew and resew the messed up seams ... finally finished after dinner and I'm bushed.

The good news is that the binding is fixable, I'll come up with a border solution when I'm rested, and I'm extremely happy with my two finishes. 

I think I'll go to bed .....


  1. Oh, so frustrating!
    About your border issue, consider faux mitered corners. Using the same fabric as your borders, make HSTs the same width as the border, and position them in the corners with the diagonal seam like a miter. If necessary, match the fabric pattern to the borders when cutting for the HSTs. This hides the joining seams but features the mitered look.

  2. Hey! That sounds like my last two days, except I wasn't retreating. Yesterday, I agreed to move a meeting from tonight to last night and i agreed to let my kids go to karate yesterday instead of today. There went my afternoon and evening! I was supposed to be putting on the last two borders on a quilt to take to the long-armer today. No problem...I'll do it this morning. I'm sewing and get the first side on, and hear, "Mom..." So I go help my son. When I come back and start in the second side, I question which direction the directional border should go. I look at the diagram, then look at the border ai already had sewn on...I put it on upside down! So I ripped it out. 45 mins later, I sew the rest of the borders on. I open it up to miter the corners, and realize that the border was originally put on correctly, and now they are all on upside down! Two more hours ripping those seams. (Did I mention my machine was set to paper piece with tiny stitches?) it only took me 30 mins to sew the borders on correctly. At Noon, the quilt was finally done. So much for being at work at 9:30...I've got priorities!


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