Thursday, August 27, 2015

TBT - My First Project ...

... and still a UFO!

The only "quilting" The Mama  did with me while I was still living at home was making log cabin blocks and crazy quilt blocks on a foundation of squares cut from an old sheet.  However, I don't recall any of these being made into a quilt; we must have done this as busy work.

I do recall that some of the log cabin blocks made it into purses in the 70s
when denim was making a comeback among the Flower Children. 
I embroidered a flower on a center square which she then built a log cabin around
in light and dark denims.  I thought I had saved that purse but can't find it at the moment.

So these little exercises, paired with Pop's crazy quilt, were the foundation (pardon the pun) for my very first "real" quiltmaking experience.

Foundation squares from old sheet
My older son was born in 1966 so he was about 13 when I started this.

I used Brian's old jeans, supplemented by some from the rest of the family.

I even started some fancy embroidery, trying to replicate what was on my grandfather's quilt.

Have you ever made a denim quilt?  The dang thing is HEAVY.

Requisite spider web
It has moved with me, in a white garbage sack, in this unfinished condition, around two apartments and four houses in Tennessee ... and it's still unfinished!!

I count this as my oldest dinosaur .... well it's a tie with one I inherited from my mother which I will show you next week.

I'll be joining up with Krista at Krista Quilts for Throwback Thursday.  Linking now since Krista forgot last week.


  1. Wow, Libby! You must finish this one! The embroidery is beautiful and it's so cool that you used your sons jeans way back when. I have made a denim quilt and it is heavy!

  2. Great embroidery! My first quilt went to a family who had lost everything in a fire. It was NOT a heritage quilt - definitely utility even though I had cross-stitched six big blocks which I started when I was in 6th grade. Sharon B in Franklin

  3. That looks great! Maybe writing about it will inspire you to finish it :) Thanks for linking up, even though I was a bad blogger last week and forgot :(

  4. I never thought about making a crazy quilt from denim. Yours looks great. I love the embroidery.

  5. That is so nice that you learned from your mother and wanted to pass on the same to your son. I love the Orange bit, the spider web and other little goodies. All those seams do add to the weight, I am sure. Hope you decide to finish it. Good luck!


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