Sunday, August 16, 2015

Valleys and Hills

It can happen so fast

I was all set to toot the horn and celebrate nearing neutral ...

Prior to retreat I made everyone a coaster from S'mores fabrics that our now-deceased member had asked us to divide last year.  2 yards out

Memorial Coaster

 FQs and chunks -- mainly large florals --  went on the free table at the S'mores retreat.  9.5 yards

Finished Candy Dish (a/k/a Beach Party) with back.  8.25 yards

Candy Dish
Finished Random (a/k/a Ginger Belle).  4.25 yards


That would have left me in the hole by just 1/2 yard!!

BUT my secret sister gifted me with a charm pack of French General, a layer cake of Melbourne, and a Riley Blake Rollie-Polie.  7 yards in

(Maybe I shouldn't count gifts since they're out of my control.  Plus, I don't normally count "in" what I purchase to give away so it should even out.  Hmm ... something to think about....  What would you do?)

I couldn't pass up an excursion to a moving sale where fabric was 60% off, but I was very reserved.  3 yards

You know how it is when you're given new fabric -- the design wheels start turning, you take a mental inventory and realize you don't own anything to go with the new fabric, you fall off the wagon (rinse and repeat).

Since I had to take the Baby Lock machine in for service after screwing up the needle threader, I took the opportunity to look for a Melbourne charm pack (the Benartex website implied that the shop would have it).  No evidence that they ever carried that line.  But I found several FQs -- 12 to be exact -- that I felt would go well considering I was carrying the color palette in my head.  When I got home and in a good light I found only 3 were total rejects.

Add in a couple of charm packs of solids and three yards of fun stars.  Total damage:  8 yards

Weekly Stash Report -August 16 , 2015
     In last week:            18.00 yards
     Out last week:          24.00 yards
     In year to Date:       140.00 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:   121.50 yards
     Net Used                   18.50 yards

At least I'm moving in the right direction!

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  1. Love your two quilt tops - bright and cheery. I gave up tracking fabric purchases because it just made me feel guilty and took away the pleasure of the purchase. I can't wait to see what your design wheel produces.

  2. I only count fabric in if I buy it. I'm trying to limit my spending, not my stash!

  3. Love the bright Candy Dish and Random projects. Hard to pass up the savings you came across. Sandi

  4. Love your quilt tops - you got so much done at retreat! A little stash enhancement just freshens the palette. You still have 4-1/2 months to use enough to break even. That's what I'm telling myself, too.

  5. Wow! You accomplished a lot at your retreat. Your quilts are just Beautiful!! If you need a recipient..... :)

  6. Your quilts are bright and beautiful! Sometimes you just have to have fabric come in :)

  7. What a nice memory of your friend you shared with others! Congrats on the finishes!

  8. Both of your quilts are definitely keepers. Love the bright and fresh colors. I count only what I buy and not what is given to me. I like Laura's reply - limiting my spending but not my stash. I have a hard time passing up good sales though.

  9. How sweet of you Libby to make everyone those coasters! It will be nice for them to have and remember your friend by.
    Those two quilts you finished piecing are sunny and lovely! You are amazingly productive!
    I guess the fabric stats would depend on whether you are counting expenditures or the total volume of your stash, LOL


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