Monday, August 17, 2015

Finish Two ...

... Start one new!

That's been my mantra the last few years and 
it really helps relieve the guilt when I have the urge to start something new.

I finished two tops at retreat last week; I've earned a fresh start! 

My secrect sister gave me an unusual pack of 10-inch squares -- Melbourne by Andrea Komninos for Benertex.  You might gather from the collection name that it has a bit of an aboriginal look and yet it's not "in your face."  The colors of brown-gray, green, and aqua are so lovely and so don't go with much that I already have.  Hence my stashing spree last Friday.

Hmmm .... which project should I choose?
The print motifs are mostly large and don't lend themselves to being cut into small pieces, so I thought a project from Loose Change would best show them off.  In these projects you layer a charm square on a 10" square -- some square, some on point -- with raw edge applique and then you slice and dice in various ways.

I wasn't able to find the matching charm pack so I cut some 5" squares from FQs and yardage using a wavy blade.

My first project from this book had square placement and square cuts.

S'more Blue
This time I am again going with a square placement, but I'm considering diagonal cuts.

Layered, pinned, and ready to stitch
Although it's not necessary, the companion Five and Dime Ruler by Kansas Troubles Quilters makes centering the charm square very easy, regardless of which way you want to orient it.

Five and Dime Ruler
Dark charms on light, light charms on dark ....

...  I can hardly wait to see how this is going to turn out.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I'd say two finishes definitely deserves a start! :)

  2. Beautiful fabrics. I've yet to try the raw edge layered technique but it sure would save time.

  3. Delightful fabric combinations Libby. I like that ruler too - a handy tool for working with these blocks!

  4. Looking forward to seeing this one when it's done. I haven't made any from that book yet. I still haven't unpacked my machine from the retreat! School has started, so I'm getting back in the groove. See you tomorrow evening, right! Sharon B in Franklin


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