Monday, October 30, 2017

Potato Chips

Can't eat just one!

The same could be said for these wonky stack-n-slash Christmas trees.
(tutorial here)

Wonky Trees
This was supposed to be a mindless retreat project and I'm already half done!
Not really, but it's starting to look like that.

I'm finding that I'm not always able to end up with 7-1/2" width.
If you're thinking about making these, I suggest you start with 9" x 10-1/2".
Or plan to trim to less than 7-1/2".

Hoping to finish these at a short local retreat this week.


  1. Those trees are just too cute.
    Enjoy your retreat Libby!

  2. Oh for Pete's sake...I made a few of those last year and never did anything with them. I'll have to find that Potato Chip bag now, you Temptress!

  3. I love those trees! I'm going to have to join in with the madness...

  4. Fun! I've printed out the instructions....

  5. Oh what fun! I love the yellow plaid. Such fun trees and fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your forest grow!

  6. Very fun blocks! It's going to be a festive quilt when it's done.

  7. Adorable potato chips ya got there!

  8. I like these, especially with that yellow plaid in the mix - it's so cheerful-looking.

  9. Looks like a fun project. Don't eat too many chips!! You'll have a house cozy instead of a quilt.

  10. Your artistic feeling is exquisite.
    Praise to the senses.
    I love your photography.

    The best compliment.

    From Japan, ruma ❃


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