Sunday, October 15, 2017

Just a Few Words

Before I lose contact

The view from my sister-in-law's cabin in Maggie Valley is much the same as it was when I was here in May, except the mountain laurel is no longer blooming.  The sumac is about all that's turned color up here.  I'd show you, but the computer is refusing to upload the pictures I took today.

Mr. Hillside will be dropping me off at Mountain Quilt Camp this afternoon and the wifi connection is iffy at best; I'll give a full report when I return.

So what will I be working on at camp?

Emily's Round Robin
This is the last pass at the last round robin.  It is due to be returned to its originator at the guild meeting on Saturday, so this little project needs to be high on my priority list.  I have mixed feelings about this round robin thing; but glad I at least tried it once.

Also on my priority list is my One Monthly Goal (OMG) -- finishing the Grand Illusion blocks that I already have units made.

Grand Illusion - a/k/a Grand Mess
I have also brought along a really old (I mean REALLY OLD) UFO, Weaver Fever, as well as the blocks for Scrap Jar Stars.  There's a guild challenge in my stack of projects and a couple more boxes that I don't remember what they contain.  Needless to say, I hope to be busy and productive.  But just being in good company is what I'm really looking forward to.

Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Happy retreating. Looking forward to seeing what all you get done. I am going on retreat in a couple weeks too.

  2. Hope you've had a very fun and productive week.

  3. Ahhhh! Quilt Camp...good luck with your plans. I usually take WAY to much and goof off way to much. Oh well. I am going to a retreat next week so I have to get together things to take THAT I WILL MAKE PROGRESS ON, LOL! I love your scrappy little tops. And you will really enjoy working with the shirts and the memories.


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