Monday, November 27, 2017

Just Call Me Charlie Brown

'Cause I'm Wishy-Washy

After several unsuccessful attempts at Bonnie Hunter's annual mysteries, I swore I'd NEVER do another one.

But, then, I saw the colors for this year and thought, "that's right in my wheelhouse."

I even went to the trouble of checking my stash but couldn't find anything that really excited me so, relieved, I reaffirmed my affirmation -- Never Again!

UNTIL ... Jo Kramer at Jo's Country Junction mentioned that she was going to use batiks this year.  Hmm, that reminded me that several years ago I had accumulated a collection of brown and turquoise batiks for a quilt that I started as a class sample.

Spinning Rails
And I probably had quite a few coral-to-orange scraps from a quilt made several years earlier ...

Yes, you guessed it!

Radnor Lake
Named for our neighborhood lake that I've only been to once in my life,
with an old church camp flame, 
whom I called by another boyfriend's name, 
and whom I never saw again.  

I'm being conservative and just making half the number called for.  Also being less scrappy, using a single neutral.  We'll see where this goes.  If nothing else, I can combine these 9Ps with the Spinning Rails blocks and make something.


  1. I love your story about the lake! And your nine patches look so pretty.

  2. There's no downside to having a stack of nine-patches... 8)
    Especially a stack of pretty ones!

  3. Never say never! Have fun with it. Love the boyfriend story!

  4. LOL! I can imagine you and me as 10-year-olds on the lake shore, trying to keep ourselves from slipping into the water, giggling like crazy. And we both fell in.

  5. I also love the colors. I have looked at sunsets for years thinking about making a quilt in those colors. I haven't started anything yet...I have been trying to finish some Christmas gifts and still sort through and rearrange some rooms. Mine will probably be just four fabrics - definitely no string piecing though. Sharon B in Franklin

  6. Batiks are just so luminous, this is going to be gorgeous!


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