Thursday, November 9, 2017


Fat Tony

Our grand-dog, Fat Tony, was an Italian Greyhound -- nothing fat about him. 

Fat Tony Murray
Being small and shorthaired, Tony was always cold, so years ago I made him a quilt.

Sadly, any picture of it is on a floppy, not accessible right now.
It was the first improv quilt I had ever made.
I used a lot of doggie prints along with black/white/red.
A warm and soft flannel went on the back.
Tony loved it.

I want to share a sweet tribute from my son:

   We had Tony put to sleep yesterday. 
His congestive heart failure had progressed to the point where he was uncomfortable most of the time.
When Sherry took him to the vet she took the blanket you made for him. 
I don’t know if we’ve told you how attached he was to that blanket. He slept with it every night 
(unless it was warm then he would dig at it until it was out of his bed). 
It went with him wherever he went and was a great comfort to him. 
We interred it with him so now he’s with it forever.
Thank you for making the perfect gift for him

Rest in peace, Fat Tony


  1. Awww! Libby, this really touched my heart. It's hard to lose a furry friend, but nice to know that something you made, made a difference for him!

  2. As someone once told me, dogs need quilts, too. How nice that yours meant to much to Fat Tony.

  3. Aw... Hugs to all who loved Fat Tony.

  4. What a sweet tribute. So sorry for your son's family loss.

  5. Oh, how sweet! What a lovely tribute - it brought tears to my eyes. How nice to know that something you made meant so much. It's so sad to lose a pet. My condolences to your son's family on their loss.

  6. What a wonderful thank you to you from your son. Did you ever imagine that the quilt you made would be so important to Tony? So sweet!!


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