Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mod Gone Wild

Retreatin' at HHSP

Henry Horton State Park Conference Lodge
The Music City Modern Quilt Guild is retreating this weekend.  The place is spacious, but note the supplemental lighting!  We are a resourceful bunch.  Lots more folks have joined us today and the room is full of laughter, conversation, and the hum of sewing machines.

Yesterday I was able to put Top Notch Diamonds together.

Top Notch Diamonds
All the blocks had been made and the layout done at home.  Assembly was in diagonal rows.  Hard enough when you have square blocks on point.  But the diamonds about caused me to pull out what few hairs I have left. Cut my corners a bit on the small side so I may replace them after I've had a few days to think about it.

Working on another modern quilt today - Starfall.  Hoping to have a finished flimsy by tonight.  It's rained here for two days so it's been a great time to stay in and sew.

Just a quick selfie here:

No, Mr. Hillside didn't beat me up; the dentist did when she prepared two teeth for crowns on Tuesday.  I'm still black and blue, but at least can now see out of my right eye.  Driving back home across town after two hours with my mouth jacked open was definitely challenging!


  1. Well, your visit to the dentist does not sound like fun, but at least you can now treat yourself to a weekend of sewing! Have fun!

  2. Ow ow ow! Mean old dentist! Ow!
    Enjoy your retreat - hopefully it'll take your mind off the dentistry.

  3. OUCH! Hope you feel tip top soon! At least you are getting sewing therapy! Your diamond top is lovely but it does look challenging to assemble. Good for you for getting it perfect!!! Have a great day!

  4. Sorry to hear about your dental woes. Looks like a fun retreat and I love your Top Notch Diamonds. Did you curate the palette all from stash?

  5. Such a pretty quilt, Libby!! Sorry that the dentist had to fight with your teeth. No fun!!

  6. Looks like fun. The diamond quilt is looking good. Sorry you had the dentist trauma to deal with, but you could have made up some great stories about that bruising.


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