Monday, February 12, 2018

Passing the love along

At Saturday's church women's breakfast, the subject was LOVE, naturally, with Valentine's Day on the horizon as well as Lent.

At recent breakfasts I have been sharing the love with women who have not only meant a lot to me, but have given a lot to our church.  This month I chose to honor a women who is consistently cheerful (even though she lost her husband last year), always positive, and always makes me feel special.

Julia H with Peggy B
I couldn't get her to stop crying long enough to smile for the camera.
(also, apparently I had my phone on film, so just ignore the arrow if it doesn't work)

When my mother passed away in 1979, her good friends discovered from each other that each one thought The Mama was her own best friend.   Julia is that kind of person.  In fact, one of the ladies said that very thing about Julia on Saturday. Julia makes you feel like you are her best friend and she sincerely means it!


  1. What a beautiful and happy quilt, Libby! It looks like like that sweet woman was really touched by your generosity!

  2. What a sweet thing your are doing for the special women in your church!!

  3. Your quilt is sweeter than sweet. Is obvious she loves it!

  4. Sweet quilt and even better a wonderful friendship! What a great thing you did for her! Have a great day!

  5. Look what you did - you made the cheerful lady cry... (Good for you!) What a sweet thing to do, and what a cheerful quilt!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! It's nice to know you can do something so special that it really affects the person who receives the gift.


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