Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Note to My Friends

I haven't forgotten you

And I am keeping up with your blogs.

This moving thing, living between two houses, never knowing where something is has taken over my life, and will continue for at least the next four weeks.  I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch, just wanted youall to know that things are fine, even great, and I hope I have a lot of fun things to show once I resolve some computer issues that won't download my pictures from the cloud.

The Foot.  It's as healed as it's going to get.  I'm wearing normal shoes without the brace and slowly starting to walk like a normal person.  I still take it easy on rough terrain; I was even able to do an hour of gardening this morning with no ill effects.

The Knee.  Not so good.  The cortisone shot has helped during the day but the ache wakes me up at night.  I'll return to the orthodoc at the end of this month to see what he suggests. I'm thinking a little physical therapy will do the trick.

Quilting.  I actually sewed on Tuesday with the quilt group I was invited to here on the Plateau.  Spent my day working on Loosey Goosey, my RSC project for this year.  I donated 17 quilt tops to the group for their encouragement quilts.  Also did a bit of stash enabling by taking another box of fabric for everyone to pick through.

House 2.  Is now our permanent residence, though we are a long way from being completely moved. We purchased new adjustable beds to be delivered next week.   And I spent Wednesday afternoon organizing my sewing room -- well, at least repositioning boxes close to their final resting place.  We had a visit from the Welcome Committee on Monday, Dinner at the Community Club quarterly welcome on Tuesday, and dinner with neighbors on both sides last night.  If the social scene remains this active, I may never find time to sew again!

I have been discovering new things in my garden every day.  We have some absolutely gorgeous peonies, the rhododendron are in full bloom, and the iris are finally making an appearance.  There is a bed of what appears to be lily of the valley (I'm hopeful) and the Knockout roses have started to bloom.

House 1.  This is the GREAT part.  We have an offer (after two weeks on the market).  But there are two inspections today and tomorrow that could kill the deal.  If it goes through we will be completely out of House 1 by June 16.  I'll keep you posted.

So that's Life on the Lake.


  1. Hi Libby, so happy to hear improvements have been made on so many fronts especially the limbs one. But do be careful and pace yourself. It sounds like a most welcoming area you have moved to. How lucky the group was to receive your quilts. And fingers crossed the house sale goes through!

  2. It's good to get an update on how things are going, Libby! Will keep my fingers crossed about the house sale, and glad you are enjoying so much about the new place!

  3. Hoping your orthopedic issues do nothing but improve.
    What fun to discover plants in a new place. (Peonies are my very favorite flower). Good luck on the house deal. I will send prayers your way! It was only 2 years ago we were sweating out the details of an offer - ugh! :)

  4. Wow!! That was QUITE the update!!! All good news, except for that knee. Best of luck with that house deal, my friend!

  5. So glad that the move is almost over...phew! I'm sorry to hear that your knee is still giving you trouble. Those cortisone shots are hit and miss. Hopefully othodoc will have some other tricks up his sleeve. I'm looking forward to you posting again, but understand how time-consuming it all is. Good luck.

  6. Your blog just makes me feel good. I am just praying all inspections so well.

  7. Crossing my fingers for house 1!
    Glad for good news from you. Heal on!

  8. Glad to hear you're doing well (knee pain aside). Your garden at House #2 sounds wonderful (oh how I love peonies & irises!) and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you sell the other house.


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