Saturday, August 10, 2019

Simple Tiny Tuesday

... on a Saturday 

Knowing that Angela is wrapped up in a new school year and getting two kiddos off to college, I offered to create a simple Tiny Tuesday block to make up for the one she missed this week.  And since we will be essentially doubling up on TT this week, I made it VERY easy!

So here goes.  Cut:
  • 4 light/bright blue squares at 2"
  • 1 square at 2" - can be blue or background
  • 1 strip blue @ 1-1/4" x at least 8"
  • 1 strip background @ 1-1/4" x at least 8"

Stitch the two 1-1/4" strips together along the long side and press toward the darker fabric.  This stripset should measure 2" across.

Cut this stripset into 2" segments.

Arrange your pieces in a 9-patch formation.

And voila, you have a block!

Be creative with your fabric and value choices. And have fun!


  1. I like that! You are so kind with your block ideas, Libby, and good with your quilty math! That's where I trip up... Thanks, and I will stitch this up tomorrow!

  2. neat block nice of you to help Angela out - I haven't done Tiny Tuesday this year - too many others!!

  3. SEW sweet of you to do another block for Angela (and the rest of us.) You chose wisely, dear friend!! Easy-peasy. Thanks!

  4. Very pretty fabric choices. I'm not doing Tiny Tuesday this year, but it's a great block to go with the others.

  5. I'm using a variation of that block in the mystery quilt our guild is finishing up. HSTs in the corners. I like your version! :)

  6. Chunky Churn Dash -- a winner in any size!

  7. Thanks for pitching in! I'm here on Tuesday to get a double dose of Tiny Tuesday! Last week and the previous week were "crazy" for me too. In fact I really need to get a triple scoop if I want to stay on track. I missed doing the last pink TT at the end of July! Whew...I am off to get creative!!! Thanks again!

  8. Thanks for the cute block. Love the fabrics you used -- very pretty!


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