Friday, August 21, 2020

As Promised

 Final Retreat Quilt Show

You'd better grab a cuppa cause there is a lot of goodness here!

The S'mores had their annual summer retreat this week.  There were 16 of us appropriately distanced around the huge sewing room.  Many I had seen at Jonesborough last month, but there were several new faces, including an "adopted S'more" daughter from Florida and a newer S'more from Kentucky.  Unfortunately, due to CoVID, the more distant members opted to stay home this time.

I had already planned to get an early start on Monday for a dental appointment in Nashville, but when that was postponed, I decided to leave early anyway and drive to the retreat by way of Whittle's Fabrics in Bowling Green, KY.  If you look at a TN-KY map, you'll see that Whittle's isn't exactly "on the way" from Crossville to Dickson, TN!  I was on a quest for a particular shade of Grunge and, even with their truly enormous selection, I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.  I did get a fabulous collection of bright rainbow TOTs.

In case you don't know, Whittle's can be found online here.  They have great prices (e.g., Grunge at $7.95/yd) and exceptional service.  One of the thoughtful things they have are tonal 5-piece FQ bundles of Grunge which they label with the color number to make selection and ordering easier.  So I picked up this bundle of whites/creams, hoping to find one that matches some I already have.

But you're here for a quilt show, so here goes:

Becky, who's mad for teal, made this beauty from Gelato gradations.

Becky also added a border to this donation quilt.

Ruth spent most of her time on this collage (I think it's Laura Heinz), a first time for her to try this technique.

When Phillis wasn't helping Ruth with the collage, she assembled these "Chinese lantern" blocks -- all paper pieced -- into a gorgeous top.   Sorry, I don't know the pattern name.

Shirley worked on a couple of donation quilts.  Apparently, the 4-Ps in this one began as 3" squares, but Shirley had to do some resizing to make them fit the larger squares.  I especially like this one and plan to make a variation with my collection of 2-1/2" squares. 

Sharon made this plus top for a family member who requested 70s colors and owls.

Sharon also worked on a simple QOV

Susan put the finishing touches on this Gordian Knot before she started on a rug (behind her).

Donna was quite busy, as usual.  First she finished binding this T-shirt quilt.  I love the basketball sashing!

Next Donna finished this really cute elephant baby quilt that she had started at home.

And Donna came close to finishing a huge 3-6-9 project.  What a great way to use a collection of fat quarters!

She had most of it together before I could get a picture.  It would look great in my bedroom ... just sayin' ...

Diane/Charlie made the blocks and got most of this great jelly-roll top assembled.

I posted other projects here and here.

And a great time was had by all!


  1. Thanks SEW much for sharing all of these wonderful projects, Libby! I'd be interested to discover how comfortable you were in the retreat setting with many other people. Were you all masked up the entire time?

  2. Those Chinese lanterns glow as though they're neon! Glad you and the S'mores had a great time.


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