Thursday, August 13, 2020

Back in the Groove

I haven't accomplished a lot in the sewing room lately, at least anything I can show.  First, I had an episode of insect bites that seemed to originate in the studio as my husband was not affected.  So after spraying, I stayed out of the basement for two days.

Once I felt comfortable going back downstairs, I spent the better part of three days cutting and kitting blocks for Harriet's Legacy, now known as Libby's Legacy.  Today I put the four center medallion blocks together.

I wanted to get a preview of color and value distribution.  I also previewed a filler frame option and looked at how the next rounds will look.

I may very well stop with three rounds as it will be about 55" square at this point.  This will be my primary project at next week's Smores retreat.  I also took a few minutes -- well, more than a few -- to look at another project that uses many of the same fabrics.

Strippy Stars was started in a class with Jo Morton in 2008.  I am not in love with the yellow strip, even though I think it came from the same fabric as the pink floral border, so I may be searching for an alternative.  I can at least finish all the stars and reshelve any leftover fabric.

While I was at the machine today, I also repaired the flange fiasco on Passionate for Paisley.

I can't believe it's almost Friday (as I write this Thursday evening) and on Monday I will be sewing with my friends again.  We will be masked as needed, separated on 6-foot tables, and eating our own food this time.  It will be so nice to see everyone and catch up.


  1. Ugh on the bugs in your sewing room - mine is in the basement, too, and I often wonder what I'm not seeing! Hope your spray did the trick. I like those stars for your center medallion! Enjoy the time with your quilting friends!

  2. Libby's Legacy is going to be a beauty! I really like strippy stars, too, especially with the border fabrics inserted. Enjoy your retreat! It's always fun to see what you accomplish when you go away. :)

  3. I hate insect bites - I get them frequently and think it is the porch for me as I sit out there a lot and hubby doesn't - I don't see the bugs but they are hiding! I need to spray both sides of the chair cushion and the whole area and see if it will help - it is not a screened porch though so would need to do it every day!

  4. I'm in love with your Strippy Stars!! Insects that bite are the worst. Bah! Glad you were able to get rid of them. :)

  5. I'm much more wary of insects now since getting a wasp bite. A family member got bitten by a spider and it got infected so she had to get antibiotics. The worst part she said was she got bitten inside her house so she is living with the offender!So I understand your trepidation. Meanwhile, love these blocks and these fabrics. Hope it was fun getting together. I would love that too.

  6. Give my best to the S'mores next week, Libby. Have fun (and stay safe!!)

  7. Love those star blocks. I too am not a fan of bugs.spider got me good one year.antibiotics and many dr visits later.......ugh

  8. Sorry about the bug bites, those are miserable Hopefully that's been resolved. I agree the yellow stripe looks a bit out of place. I can see some of the same colors in it as are in the blocks, so it matches. Have fun at your retreat. Glad to hear your group has found a way to meet up, but still play it safe.


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