Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Round 3 Ready to Go!

 Bear's Paw

I made a test block to make sure I cut the right pieces on the other 19.  

I experimented with a darker background on this one and I really like it.

The colors in this photo are more true-to-life.

Twenty blocks are cut, bagged, and ready for retreat next week!  It's a lot of cutting, and I'd rather get it done at home where I can concentrate.


  1. That's such a great idea to get all that cutting done so that all you need to do is sew! I really like your bear paw block - I don't think I've ever made one.

  2. I do that, too.... cut and kit up a quilt before going to a retreat. That way I can jump right in and sew. This will be a pretty quilt, for sure!

  3. Good thinking on kitting up your blocks for retreat, Libby!!

  4. I totally agree with you about cutting at home. It's hard to concentrate at retreats or sew-ins when there's so much activity and socializing going on. I really like your color choices for this block; that background adds a lot of depth and interest. I'm looking forward to seeing this project come together. Have fun at retreat!

  5. Sometimes it's hard to stop at one block! Lovely colors.

  6. It is so easy to miscut, so probably wise you did that when you have fewer distractions. You've got a fun project to work on at the retreat.


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