Sunday, August 23, 2020

It only took two years!

 First, a little background ...

We offered to buy this current house when we thought we had a solid offer on the previous house.  We closed 6 months later ... to the same couple who made the first offer.  We left enough in the first house for us to live in when we had to return to Nashville.  That included kitchen items and cleaning products.  So when we were able to finally consolidate our belongings, we had a lot of duplicate items, especially in the home maintenance arena.  And we inherited a lot of the same supplies with this house as it had been cleaned weekly while it was on the market.  

There was little logic to where I had put things and the chaos was starting to get to me, so I used this period of hibernation to do a little organizing.  You have already heard about the studio organization.  Now it was time to attack other parts of the house.  

Last week I started with the pantry.

Let me just say that this pantry was a huge selling feature of this house!  Yesterday I cleaned out the utility closet.

DH now has strict instructions not to add anything to our shopping list without checking our current supplies!


  1. I have a lot of duplicate supplies too and before I go shopping each time I have to go through the cupboards to see what I have - I don't like to get down to the last item as with the current situation you never seem to do what the shortage will be - this month in our area seems to be very little in canned tomatoes and paper towels! what is with that? one month a couple things you can never find then the next month something else - the supply chain is really messed up

  2. Who knew pantry-envy could be a thing? What a fantastic one you've got there!

  3. I've done a little of that cleaning and reorganizing since retiring (5 years ago), and it always seems like it needs to be done again! Your pantry and utility closet look just great, Libby!

  4. That's a big job for someone just back from a Quilt Retreat!!

  5. Your pantry and closet looks great! I too have envy of the spaces you have. Everything looks nicely organized and easy to find. I am still working on the basement. I generally try to do the visible daily areas of the house, but the hidden forgotten places get left behind, so I decided to work with those now that I have the time.

  6. I enjoyed the quilt show in your last post. What talented folks!
    This new project of yours has piqued my interest.
    I'm so envious of your pantry. I love things organized and I would die for a walk in pantry so you can see what you've got without having to unload a bunch of stuff and find what's hidden away. Anyway, both your storage spaces look awesome.


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