Friday, August 28, 2020

I've been sewing

 I just can't show it.

I'm working on a secret project, a Christmas gift (if I can stick to my schedule).  But since there's a chance the recipient might catch a glimpse of my blog, I can't show it.

Suffice to say it involves that colorful stack of fat quarters I bought last week at Whittles ...

... and a little of this ...

I washed the fat quarters to make sure the bright colors wouldn't run.  I don't usually wash FQs because they raval so badly.  

The reds did run a bit but I don't think they will be a problem.  (Before you lecture me on how to prevent that mess of threads, I've tried many ways and none are worth the effort,  IMHO.)

I'm trying something out of my comfort zone, working with so many different colors ...  

I'm excited about how it is coming together.  I'm keeping track of my progress and will bring it all to light at the end of the year.


  1. That's a pretty bunch of fat quarters you found, Libby! Do they have a bit of a stripe to them? I like the way you have things laid out on your design wall - looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Have fun with your gorgeous fabrics and your secret sewing!

  3. I'll be looking forward to seeing what this project turns out to be. Hoping for teasers along the way, Libby!

  4. Oh... I'm liking where this is heading! Love your fabrics.

  5. Well, speaking as a person whose favorite color scheme is 'chaotic rainbows', I say go for it and enjoy!

  6. Oooh. I'm intrigued and of course I will stay tuned to watch the developments.

  7. That fabric is beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you make me. (just kidding). Those threads are so beautiful. No lecture here for sure. Have you seen this method of using up those threads?


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