Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Let There Be Light

 What a difference a little reno will do!

I couldn't find a single clear photo of the dark burgundy walls in our family room, so you'll just have to look past the plastic wall to get a feel for what it used to look like.

We have had red walls in previous houses, but they were accent walls in an entry area, not a whole room.  With the dark cherry cabinets in the adjoining kitchen, I have always felt the burgundy walls were a little "heavy." So I'm using the current remediation on the fireplace wall to update/lighten the color.

First the contractors had to remove all the moldy/rotten wood and insulation resulting from the who-knows-how-many years of leaking ...

.. then they reconstructed the framing and added drywall.

Today they applied a primer coat to the whole room and the difference is amazing!

I am looking forward to how Bungalow Beige is going to lighten and mellow the family room.


  1. They covered that burgundy in ONE coat??? That's some kind of good primer they used, Libby!!

  2. Wow. I thought your house was newish -- at least new enough that such rot/mold wouldn't be at that stage. But, heck, you're getting the walls painted!


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