Friday, January 8, 2021

Nature Notes

 and Other Trivia

Two books were among my favorite Christmas presents this year: The Naturalist's Notebook and How to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook.  So periodically I will report on my findings ...

Did you know that Robins flock in winter?  Some migrate, but even those that don't will gather in a flock as I witnessed in our maple trees recently.  I had to look up that behavior and duly record it.

I counted over 20 hanging out in the backyard trees for a couple of hours!

I've been trying to spend a little time in the sewing room each day.  This week I made a Scrap Magnet block in the RSC color-of-the-month.  I'm using 1/1-2" squares as that's the only strip size die I have for my new GO! Big cutter (thanks to Santa).  That's a lot of little pieces!  I think I have come up with a plan to strip-piece the block next month.

That makes five RSC-21 projects!

I had a Covid test yesterday -- just to make sure I didn't pick up any bugs on our post-Christmas trip to Asheville.  I had tried to get one on Wednesday, but all they had was the DIY test which involved a lot of reading and a smart phone.  When I asked if I could take the instructions home to practice on the phone part and come back the next day, he said there would be a "real person" there on Thursday.  Bingo!

The family room has been painted and I LOVE the new color.  It's neutral, but has a bit of warmth.

It only took two coats of primer to cover the dark burgundy.  The crew will be back next week to replace the window and crown moldings and finish staining frames and thresholds that the window guys did not do.

The Christmas decorations are down, but not yet put away.

We had about 1/2" of snow overnight, the second measurable snow this season.  

And that's about the sum of my week.


  1. Those two books sound good - I'll have to look for them. We also have robins visit in flocks in the winter. They flit between our tree that has seed pods and the neighbor's that has berries. Love that new RSC block, and the paint color, too!

  2. the paint job looks like it will be good - I hope your test results come back fine. The birds have been going crazy here - so many

  3. The robins are usually in a flock when they visit my yard too. I haven't seen any this winter but sometimes there are a few that stick around in our cold weather.

    I had a taupe color living/dining room for 17 years and you could add any color in as accents with it.


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