Saturday, January 16, 2021


I'm showing my age ... in the 80s there was a program on PBS, This Was The Week That Was -- I think it came on our local PBS just before Louis Rukeyser's financial program.   Anyway, this is my week that was.

I went to our annual Rock Island Retreat at a nearby state park.  We filled three cabins this year; one was for knitters.  We went for almost 15 years with no reliable form of communication in the cabin.  We had to drive or hike to the tennis courts at the top of a hill to even get cell service.  About three years ago they finally put wifi in the cabins so we started to depend on that to stay in touch with the outside world.  Well, this year we were lucky to be on line more than 20 minutes maybe twice a day, so I wasn't able to do daily posts.

We checked in on Sunday and proceeded to rearrange furniture to accommodate 5 Sew-EZi tables.  My plan for Sunday was to put borders on Weaver Fever.

I had finished assembly at a retreat in June, but the borders I cut then were not sufficient and since I didn't think I had any more of that fabric (and I don't) I put that project away.  So I spent the afternoon/evening making a few more hashtag blocks for the RSC sampler project.

We woke to snowfall on Monday and hunkered down for a day of sewing.  I had to borrow a long ruler from Cabin 9 to cut fabric for a couple of projects.  I cut diamonds for a Table Scraps table runner as well as the background fabric.

The bottom line is I didn't accomplish a lot but I did manage to move a few projects along.  I mastered the curves on Glorified 9-Patch, but only finished four of those blocks (no photos).  The rest of the time I spent working on Wink and a Smile in Kim Diehl fabrics.  I had eleven blocks in lots of little pieces that involved a LOT of cutoff corners.  And I lost count of how many times I pulled out the seam ripper.

Becky finished a lot of old projects including this old kit from JoAnn.

Ari spent all her time on Rock Island Campfires. Lots of string blocks but nothing exciting to show.  Charlie worked on several projects including these string foundation blocks.

Nancy spent all her time assembling these feathered star blocks she started in a Marsha McCloskey class in 2009.

We ate well, we laughed a lot, and we are already looking forward to next year.  


  1. Looks like fun projects, Libby! My quilty friends in Colorado are not meeting in person yet, but a retreat like that sounds so enjoyable.

  2. Looks like some wonderful progress in your cabin, Libby! I'm not sure when we will have in-person retreats, but our Bee has started doing a monthly (virtual) Sew Saturday event.

  3. Oooh, I so envy you the retreats! I recall making a bargello (needlepoint) pillow in the exact colors of your Weaver Fever quilt. (I've long harbored a fantasy about having artists take one design and create it in their media -- that is, a potter, a knitter, a quilter, an embroiderer, etc., all doing that bargello-ish motif.)

  4. P.S. I remember farther back when "TW3" was a British news import.

  5. Sounds like the retreat was fun. During these times just being able to talk to someone in person is nice.


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