Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Paisley Posies

Several years ago I led a workshop on the 4-Patch Posey, a stacked repeat kaleidoscopic technique that requires four repeats of the fabric print.  Most often a 4-PP is made from four identical squares that are arranged with the same corner in the center of  a 4-patch.  

One of the variations of a 4-patch posey that I demonstrated in the workshop is made with quarter squares like this (notice the diagonal seams corner-to-corner) ...

Several years ago Kaye England published a design in a magazine (sorry, can't recall) called English Tiles that uses 4-patch posies in the center of the tile.  The tiles are then arranged on-point in a strippy setting.  I have made several of these (seems like a bazillion) and was looking for a different option for my quarter-squares. 

I settled on an on-point setting with a double 4-patch alternate block.  I arrived at this near finish, but it felt like it needed a little more.  

With input from others at retreat, I settled on this and I'm thrilled with the results!  

It will look nice in the living room with the sofa which has many of the same colors.


  1. That's a neat technique! I've never tried anything like it. Do you need lot of fabric to get so many repeats of the same cut squares? I really like your on point setting and the pretty floral fabric!

  2. I really like that with the double 4 patch alternate block. It looks so complicated by being put on point.


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