Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Day with the Bugs

For the record, nothing in this week and one yard used to make sleeves for two quilts.  But since they are temporary sleeves and the fabric will be recycled back into my stash at some point, I am not going to count it out.  Now to remember this when that time comes .....

It's not that I have not been sewing.  In fact, I've set myself a goal of at least 20 Mary's Triangles each day.  Some days I've made more.  The quilt is coming along nicely now that I have settled on a setting with a star in the center.  I'll post my progress tomorrow.

But my Main Man was out of town most of the week and the grandkids arrived on Wednesday.  Not much time for sewing, and that's OK.

After Glow-in-the-dark Friday ...

Glow Golf

... we had a Sedate Saturday.  CG and I headed over to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to see giant bug sculptures nestled among the plants and flowers.  All were made from wood, primarily willow and red cedar -- scary and lovely at the same time. CG is a born naturalist and she especially looked forward to seeing the dragonfly and the assassin bug.


Assassin Bug

(We had to google "assassin bug" later to make sure we don't have to be watching out for them here!)

My favorite was the praying mantis.  Did you know the plural of mantis is mantids?  I didn't.

Praying Mantis

There were interactive areas, as well -- the butterfly and the hive.

Greetings from The Hive

And an amazing sculpture of nothing but intertwined twigs.

Twig Sculpture
We in Nashville are so fortunate to have a place like Cheekwood in our midst.  I'll admit, it's been a while since I had visited -- which is silly since we now live about 3 miles from there.  The gardens are magnificent, full of winding walks and water features, something always in bloom.  I paid for an annual membership and plan to go back frequently to walk.

Two hours of hiking the trails through sun and shade, uphill and down, and I was wasted so CG and I came home for lunch.  Son2 and AA were not far behind.  Son1 joined us for dinner. 

A spirited game of Phase 10, fix-it-yourself personal pizzas, and a raucous game of Farkle rounded out our day.  All the while World Cup soccer, golf, and CWS baseball (GO VANDY!!) going in the background.  This family loves its games!

Calm has fallen on the household once again.  I won't know how to act!

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