Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week in Review

My week got off to a rocky start -- under-sleeping, printer woes -- but improved greatly as the week progressed.  Nevertheless, no finishes to bring my stash numbers back into focus.  Nothing in, nothing out.

Most of the sewing this week was devoted to working up samples of Mary's Triangles for a tutorial I posted on Wednesday (and updated yesterday and today).  As frequently happens, little tasks inspire me for greater things.  So now I have a pile of pieces, though intended to be leaders and enders, which have morphed into pieces and parts for a whole quilt of Mary's Triangles.

New nearly- FO - Mary's Triangles

Does this ever happen to you?  I've tried doing the leader-ender thing, but I get antsy to see what things will look like and kinda get in a rhythm of chain piecing and the next thing I know all the pieces are made!  Obviously, I have no self control ;p !!

The rest of my sewing time this week was devoted to turning bindings on three quilts, two of which will appear in the Greater Owensboro Quilt Guild show in a couple of weeks.  I'll post pictures from the show.  I still need to make the sleeves and that will give me some fabric usage.

Main Man is on the road again, so little sewing will get done next week other than the sleeves.  Grandkids arrive on Wednesday; they're on their own Thursday till Grandpa gets back, then we'll plan some fun things for Friday and Saturday.  At a minimum there will be a lot of games.  Wish we lived closer .....

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