Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday -- Eureka!!

There really is a layout table under all that stuff!!

Layout Table

Fabric is all back on the shelves, though not all of it neatly stacked.

Fabric shelved

Oops, I see I missed a small pile on the far right.  Mostly backgrounds that won't fit in their designated spot.  

Here's a long view of the somewhat organized corner of my "studio" as it stands right now.  The sewing table still is buried, as is the cutting table, but there's hope.

My corner of the basement
Part of my plan is to replace the wire baskets holding up the layout table with something that will hide and protect the mess, plus be more sturdy.  The basket frames have splayed a bit from the weight of the table top which makes the baskets basically useless.

I found some cabinetry yesterday at Habitat Re-Store.  It's all base cabinets and looks like it might have come from an office.  One of the units was a tower unit with cubbies that would be perfect for fat quarters. And several of the cabinets had drawers. They were not willing to break up the set; I can understand it's harder to sell pieces and parts.  But after checking prices for new cabinets at Home Depot, I think I'll go back and offer to buy the whole set at their price and then give back the pieces I don't want.   Worst- (or on second thought, maybe best-) case scenario, we'd have to use the leftover pieces in the garage and storage room, so I think it's worth making the offer.  

Stay tuned!

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  1. It's really coming together Libby! I still have buried places in my studio too, but I'm trying to take it one pile at a time :) Those cabinets sound like a great deal if they work for you. Furniture is SO expensive today!!!


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