Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sit and Sew Saturday

RIC, before quilting

After a week of Urban Renewal and Adventures in Cleaning,  not only can I SEE my sewing table, but it's clear enough to sew a binding on "Rock Island, Rock On" (a/k/a Rock Island Campfires).  Since I will be entering it in the Owensboro Quilt Guild show at the end of this month, it's critical I get that taken care of.

But look what's new!!!

Fat Quarter Tower

Bright and shiny and loaded with FQs.  Kinda messy at this point.  I need to figure out a fold that fits the space, but all those plastic bins are now empty as is the shelf they were on.  The bagged projects are temporarily going back on the shelf so that I can cut the binding for "Rock Island, Rock On."

So while I'd rather it be a Scrappy Saturday, I'll spend a bit of time cutting and sewing.  The binding handwork will be perfect company while watching golf this afternoon.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


  1. Wow! I'm so jealous!!! First, I LOVE THAT QUILT!!!!! Oh so much colorful fun going on there! And of course, b&w is my favorite neutral :) And the fat quarter tower is perfect! Once you get the perfect fold down pat, it is going to be such a happy source of color love for you every time you see it!

    1. Thanks, Mz. T. I made that quilt kicking and screaming all the way, but now that it's done I absolutely love it! I can see the tower when sitting at the machine so lots of opportunity to admire the colors.


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