Friday, June 26, 2015

A Triple-H Kinda Day

... another good day to sew

Candy Dish

Here in the South weather forecasters only have to say "triple H" and we know it's going to be a hazy, hot, and humid day.  And that's my cue to stay inside and sew.

Okay, I'll admit, it doesn't take much to encourage me to stay inside and sew!

I had so hoped I could report that Candy Dish is finished.  See those two holes in the last row?  As I got close to the end, the variety of fabrics in my already-made half-square triangles diminished.  I'd make a few more HSTs, put the foursies together, and I swear there were just as many holes to be filled as when the day started!

Do you ever have days like that?  Where you feel like you're sewing upstream?

Once I fill those two holes, all that will remain is putting the rows together.  That may have to wait till the August retreat -- we'll see.

On another front, I did finish the nine Christmas runner tops and cut the backs for all of them.  Pattern is Triangle Frenzy Swirl.  (Regular readers are probably tired of seeing this photo ...)

Triangle Frenzy Swirl

Assembly will take place at the S'mores retreat where I'll have a lot of flat space to make the sandwich.  The directions call for a knife edge finish, but I have difficulty getting a good edge when I turn inside out so I'm considering a traditional binding.  Tune in next month to see how it goes.

Being as it's Friday, I'll hook up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. "Sewing upstream!" Hah! Describes my sewing life perfectly. Beautiful projects. Whatever you fill those holes with, Candy Dish will be just lovely!

  2. I like your layout better than the quilt in the book. Stick with it - you are almost at the finish line.

  3. I would use traditional binding on your beautiful table runners, too, Libby. And Candy Dish is looking great!! I just love this quilt.

  4. Yes, I have days when I know I make progress but it sure doesn't look like it. Your Candy Dish top is looking good! I would definitely go with a standard binding on your table runners. I actually think binding looks cleaner and more professional than a knife edge finish.


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