Friday, June 19, 2015

Close Encounter ...

... of the Deer Kind

Ever the optimist, I have put out some new plants close to the route the deer take down to the river across the street.  And, as typical, I've decided to do this in a drought period ... which means daily watering.

Yesterday evening, as I was watering and checking for damage, I got to thinking it had been a long time since I had seen any deer and the lack of teeth marks on my new plants might be evidence that they have adopted a new route to the river.  (... pause for a pat on the back...) 

I moved on down the driveway a bit to hose down the impatiens in the big pot.  As I turned to go back up the hill I saw a big, beautiful doe staring at me from the area I had just been watering!  Where did she come from?  How come I never heard her coming?  In my surprise I turned toward her with hose in hand and she scampered away.

So, what else was I doing on the hottest day of the year?  Adding more rounds to this:

Candy Dish

The pattern is a variation of "Beach Party" from More Nickel Quilts.  When I look at it from across the studio the colors remind me of Skittles in a bowl so I'm going to call it "Candy Dish."  My design wall is too narrow to hold it all so I'm now working on one side at a time.

It's Friday, so I'm hooking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. Libby, I really like this quilt. And it does look like skittles!! Great name. So, do you think the deer was standing there, watching you water your plants and was thanking you for the new food for her? hehe

    1. I figure she was probably behind the holly trees where I couldn't see her. But it did remind me to fill the birdbath which the deer use as an interim watering hole.

  2. Perfect name for a perfectly charming quilt!

  3. Libby, I REALLY like this quilt! Of course, it does have my kind of colors in it. Hope you bring it to retreat so that we can see it "in person". Sharon B in Franklin


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