Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Great Class

... another Great Time

Sunday's class was at Susan's Calico Creations in Fulton, IL.  We were working on two other patterns from Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin by Sara Nephew and Marci Baker -- "Fireworks" and "Winter Snow."

Fireworks Table Topper

Winter Snow

Before you ask, a revised edition of the book is due to be released later this year .....

Both of these patterns use only triangle log cabin blocks, which made the cutting easier than Saturday's class.  The quilt is assembled in rows like other hexagon quilts.  The table topper is assembled in wedges like the Japanese Star.

We had a great class with some very accomplished quilters.  Take a look at their progress.

The first few were doing Fireworks -- some as quilts, some as table toppers

Stars and Stripes Quilt of Valor

Fireworks in Neutrals
Table Topper in Progress
These last few were working on Winter Snow.
Winter Snow in Pastels

Winter Snow in Neutrals
Winter Snow in Icy Colors

Shop owner Susan May (a/k/a Sister Mary Susan) was a gracious hostess.  Her classroom is outfitted with lots of tables and design walls.  And she's open on Sunday!  If you're ever in northwestern Illinois, it's worth a trip over to Fulton to visit Susan's Calico Creations.

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  1. Oh gosh those are gorgeous blocks Libby! I especially love "Winter Snow"! Glad your classes went so well - it sounds like you had fun, except for the rainy driving.


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