Sunday, June 7, 2015

Great Class

... Great New Friends

Yesterday's class at the Covered Bridge Quilters Guild was a success ... so I was told ... it went by in a blur of activity.  But I have photos to prove that progress was made.

The class project was "Japanese Star" designed by Marci Baker.  Here is an old photo of mine.

Japanese Star
Eleven hearty quilters went outside their comfort zones to learn how to make log cabin blocks in new shapes.  The more difficult is the diamond; everyone completed at least one, some more, and they were all beautiful.  Since I haven't learned how to make a slide show, I'll just post a few.

The challenge with the diamond is that half the logs "lean" to the right, and half "lean" to the left.  So our mantra for the morning was "Come RIGHT in; don't be LEFT out" to help us remember how to orient the Clearview Triangle when cutting.  Those who chose to work with batiks learned that miscuts could just be turned over to correct the mistake.  They also learned that this reversibility increased the chance they might stitch it on the wrong side!

In the afternoon we worked on the easier triangle blocks which are added to a diamond to form one of six wedges.

I received a text late last night with a photo of this last one complete!

Thank you, Covered Bridge Quilters, for your hospitality.  You were a brave bunch and I have confidence your projects will be ready for next month's show'n'tell!


  1. This looks like SO much fun! Where can I find the pattern?

  2. I agree, Libby. I would love the pattern, too. Would it be large enough to make a Christmas tree skirt? So glad your class went well. The diamonds are all lovely.

    1. Pattern is not currently available due to a change in publishers. It's a variation of a quilt in Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin. It measures about 36" across, but the one in the book is one round bigger and would probably work as a tree skirt. Look for a revised book to be released in late September.

  3. You go girl! Looks like a great class!

  4. It sounds and looks like it was a terrific class Libby! Love your "Come RIGHT in..." trick for remembering how to do the diamonds!


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