Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday


Candy Dish

Candy Dish is half done.  I am currently working on the upper half (turned sideways in the photo). 

Almost all the units are made.  I need to make a few more HST units, and maybe a few of the 4-patch units.

I may have over-estimated!  But I have a plan for the remaining units, including the remainder of the roll of strips.

Leftover Strips fom Candy Dish

"Ginger Belle" from Miss Rosie's Spice of Life is my inspiration.  I will be using 4-inch units instead of 3-inch as in the pattern.  I drew a box around the two blocks to help me see how it will go together.

Ginger Belle

A cream Moda Marble Dot will be the background.

Limiting myself to leftover strips, supplemented by another roll of solid strips on hand, dictates that it will just be a 3x3 setting which will give me a 68" square quilt -- a good size for cuddling under.

More later ....


  1. I like these! Looking forward to seeing them in person! Sharon B in Franklin

  2. Looking good! It's so much fun to see this come together!


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