Monday, June 29, 2015

Changing Horses ....

... or Changing Streams

Sometimes -- no, OFTEN -- I back myself into a corner.

Such is the situation with my current project.  I received a roll of strips in colorful modern fabrics from my Secret Sister last year.  I pulled them out as potential contenders when working on the triangle log cabin projects last month, but they weren't quite right.

Determined not to bundle them back into a drawer or, worse, just shove them aside on my table, I used the majority of them for the 4-patches in Candy Dish, but there were a few on the light side that didn't play well in the dish.

So I paired those with the solids from another roll (oops, now another partial roll to deal with!) and made more 4-patches.  My plan was to put them on point in a strippy setting -- using nothing but fabrics I have on hand.

First issue was finding a fabric for the setting triangles.  After totally littering every surface in the sewing room, I settled on a lively yellow.  But, as you can see, it blends into the yellow solid.

Then, more trouble trying to find a suitable fabric for the separating strippy strips.  Time to change horses or pick another stream!

What if I omit the separating strip fabric and just put my 4-patch strips together?

Let's see, I had forty 4-patches.  Instead of four strips of 10 separated by another fabric, how about five strips of 8?

I have frequently admired strippy style settings where the rows are offset and the setting triangles create a zig-zag effect.  I still need to sew the rows and trim the ends, but ...

A perfect crib size with perfectly soft colors!

And the horse didn't drown ....

So that's what's on my design wall this morning.  Hop over to Patchwork Times to see what others are working on.


  1. OH.. I like this a lot!! And I'm so glad the horse didn't drown. :)

  2. Wonderful solution - looks great and you were able to use up those bonus four patches.

  3. Ah! Flexibility keeps our brains young. At least, that's the story I'm sticking with. I really like your final decision. It's looking great! Sharon B in Franklin


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