Thursday, June 4, 2015

No Lonely Roads ...

... with a good audiobook

Nothing beats the company of Stephanie Plum on a solo 500-mile drive!  Today's adventure was #19 in the series (not including those "between the numbers") by Janet Evanovich:  Notorious Nineteen.  Evanovich certainly has a way with words and can spin a hilarious mystery yarn.

Robert Parker is in line for my trip home, along with a new author (for me) Galbraith.

Safely ensconced in Princeton, IL.  When I was scoping out the location for tomorrow night's lecture, I passed a small quilt shop in town.  They were kind enough to let me use their cutting table to trim the Exploding Pineapple which I picked up from my longarmer yesterday.

Exploding Pineapple

 Nice little shop; I look forward to spending more time there tomorrow.

Sorry, no more pictures.  Camera was packed in an inconvenient spot.  I need to take a cue from Judy L and Bonnie H and keep a camera handy....


  1. Libby, that Exploding Pineapple is Gorgeous! And who wouldn't love a pattern with that name? LOL
    Stephanie Plum... Ah we laughed our way through those books, especially the early ones. They helped my sister-in-law through a very hard time in her life.

  2. I have not read her books, but have seen them enough! I think it's time to give one a try. Your quilt is gorgeous! And not as sticky or messy as it's name! :) Enjoy your time in IL.


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