Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh Happy Day!

Hot Pink

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016 color for July - one of my favorites to work with!

And yet -- do I have a pink scrap bin? NO! Nothing in the FQ bucket, either! Maybe the hot pink scraps are lurking in the red bin .... no time to look right now.

I do, however, have a couple of UFOs where hot pink is featured, so it was easy to come up with my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for July.  Actually, it's going to be a TMG month.

Project One goes back a LONG way, and all it needs is quilting. Now that I'm feeling more confident in my machine quilting skills, I think this little 36" x 38" wall hanging is very doable.

Bloom Where Planted
This came from a guild challenge quite a few years ago where the theme was taken from a Mary Englebreit quote.  Having recently finished a queen size Blooming 9-Patch, I thought the pattern would make a nice backdrop for applique, but in a smaller scale.

I had been collecting yellows and pinks for another quilt (that has never been made, by the way) so that was my starting point. You can see the progression from almost white to mostly yellow and eventually on to yellow with pink. The 9-patches and whole squares finish at 2-1/4" (don't ask me why I came up with such an odd measurement). The applique is from a pattern by Cynthia Tomaszewski called "Sitting Pretty."

The project stayed unfinished for quite a while until I tackeled the top stitching on the fused applique --one of my least favorite things to do, next to borders. So it remained without borders until I found the right fabric.

Now it's time to get this one done!

Project Two has languished not quite as long, but you can see some of the same fabrics appear in it along with many of the other fabrics that had been designated for the never-started project.

Terrific Triangles a/k/a Chopsticks
 I began this in a class with Sue Jones at Fall Quilt Camp 2013. It's come out to play on several occasions only to get put away because I don't like the waste of trimming off the side triangles like the pattern calls for. I need to come up with a solution -- either constructing half triangles or finding a setting fabric. Most of the blocks have been made so it should be another quick finish to flimsy stage.

I'm linking up with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts -- declaring my OMG for July.


  1. Both great goals. I really love your flower vase quilt. That yellow with pin was the perfect fabric where you put it. From a distance, it looks like little pink petals everywhere. But 2-1/4"? Oh my gosh! That's too tiny for my brain to even think about, so I'm pretending they are 3". LOL I really like the triangles top, too. Quilts that definitely deserve finishes!

  2. I love how the center of that first quilt just seems to glow! Perfect background for the applique. Happy finishing!
    Is there any way you can cut the setting triangles for the second quilt from strips ala companion angle ruler? Or is the angle just too acute?

  3. Bloom Where Planted is beautiful. I love the background. Terrific Triangles is fun! Love the yellows and pinks together.

  4. Your yellow and hot pink look so good together! Good luck with your two monthly goals.

  5. Good luck with your July goals. Both quilts are going to look spectacular when you get them finished.

  6. I made 1/2 triangles when I pieced my Chopstick quilt, but what a great idea to use a setting fabric. That idea didn't even occur to me. I can see your Terrific Triangles finished with a white/yellow/pink stripe. Congratulations on all your UFO progress.

  7. The perfect piece for the scrap challenge. That is something that I must do this weekend - what is left of it - is to pull out my hot pink scraps.

  8. Those are beautiful UFOs Libby! I really like the background on the first one with the appliqued flowers and I can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  9. I'm trying to visit everybody in the OMG party. Two very different projects you have! One cute and whimsical and the other very modern. Modern is starting to grow on me! Best of luck in completing these. I look forward to seeing the finishes!


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