Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vacay - Day 1

Off to Bristol

Since we already had some swell-deal reservations at Stonewall State Resort Park in WV, as well as tour reservations at two Frank Lloyd Wright sites in Pennsylvania, we decided the first change in our original plans (once the golf tournament was cancelled due to flooding) was to leave a day earlier so that we could arrive at the park somewhat refreshed and in time to enjoy the 4th of July activities on the 3rd.

I wish I could say we got off to a rollicking start this morning, but the Smith luck of the last few weeks carried over.  Loaded for bear -- where did that phrase originate? -- the tire pressure light came on as we were pulling out of the garage! Indeed, there was a honking big (well it looked big to ME) screw imbedded in the left front tire. Firestone was wall-to-wall so we used Gabby the Garmin to find a small tire shop down the street and we were on our way about one hour later.

On the quilting front, we made a stop at Heavenly Stitches to pic up a R-B-R license and pattern.

Heavenly Stitches is a lovely shop in Kingsport, TN with a nice variety of fabric and a very friendly staff.  I also got 3 yards of one of the white Grunge fabrics (not very photogenic). Not sure it's exactly what I have been using, but if it doesn't work where I need it, it certainly won't go to waste!

Gassed up and ready for Day 2.


  1. Hope there are no more travel hiccups. While you're here you can pick up the R-B-R & license plates from the Quilted Fox and Janie Lou.

  2. At least the tire wasn't flat when before you left the house. Enjoy your vacation!


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