Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vacay Update

Days 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0

I was so terrified of fireworks as a small child. My mother blamed it on the fact she was standing next to the man shot out of a canon when I was 9 months old.  As an adult, though, fireworks make me smile -- as long as they are done professionally and safely.

Well, the fireworks at Stonewall Resort on July 3 (Day 2) were fabulous! (for a small show) What made them fabulous for me was I could watch from our room in my jammies!


Unfortunately I forgot I have a "fireworks" setting on my camera so the pictures through my window leave a lot to be desired.

On Day 3 we drove up to Pennsylvania for the day to tour 2 houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and 2 designed by one of his pupils. All of the houses we saw were of the Usonian style -- designed for "common folk" who couldn't afford a custom design.

Duncan House at Polymath Park
The Duncan House is one of a very few of Wright's prefabricated homes built in Wisconsin, advertised to cost only $15,000 in 1957 (it ended up costing about twice that!). Destined for the wrecking ball, it was purchased, dismantled, and reconstructed on this site in this century. Polymath consists of 3 Usonian homes; all can be rented for overnight accommodations.

After lunch at the Treetops Restaurant on site, we drove about 30 miles south to Kentuck Knob. We had visited this house two years ago, but this time we took the "in-depth" tour where we got to see three spaces not on the regular tour. Since our new house design is following Wright's principles, Alex was anxious to revisit some of the design features. We were not disappointed. Because the house is privately owned, photography was not allowed inside and it was pouring outside. You'll just have to take my word.

We made it back to Stonewall just ahead of a tornado warning. Fortunately nothing serious developed. Being Monday and a holiday, no quilt shops in the area were open.

We had all of Day 4 to get to our next destination, Springfield, Ohio. We made a stop at the Nelsonville Quilt Company, a sweet shop in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Nelsonville Quilt Company
The town of Nelsonville is the original home of the Star Brick Company. Hence the shop's license plate for R-B-R 2016.

 Another quilt shop and another house tour on the agenda for Day 5. Stay tuned!


  1. I admit I'd be more interested in the quilt shops than the architecture, but I'm glad you're having a good time! Happy vacation!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. Hopefully the rain is gone and you won't have it to contend with for the rest of the trip.

  3. Your vacay sounds like fun. Sometimes a change in plans is better than the original plan.


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