Saturday, July 16, 2016

Scrap Happy Saturday

What is a scrap?

Does it qualify if you are making a "scrappy" quilt but the "scraps" have been cut from yardage or fat quarters?

I'm inclined to say "yes."  So here's my entry for Scrap Happy Saturday.

Inspired by seeing completed examples of Cynthia Brunz' pattern Geese Migration, I pulled out the one I started earlier in the year.

Each block has five different flying geese united by a single solid fabric "sky" ...

... and fifteen different 2-1/2" squares

I am trying to have no more than two blocks with the same color sky. With a planned 32 blocks, that's a lot of "scrap."

I wanted to add some more fabrics for variety and I needed to make a few more blocks. But, most of all, I needed to figure out where I stood in the process (YIKES!)

So I put finished blocks up on the wall and matched them up with their kitted up "sisters." I had almost all of the geese units assembled ...

... and used the design wall to start laying out the squares where needed.

My goal is to assemble at least two blocks each day so that I can lay out the quilt on a large design wall at retreat in August.

Of course, I have generated a lot more "scrap" in this process. I am making some HSTs as leaders/enders but I will have piles of 2-1/2" squares left over. Any ideas?

Linking up with Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than housework.


  1. I'm really loving hard on those migration blocks! The colors are just luscious!
    You could make 4patches out of your squares. I've been making them out of 1.5" squares as leader/enders for months and I've got hundreds of them at this point. I've been gathering 4patch setting ideas, trying to decide what to do with them!

  2. Ooh, I have seen this design before and I love it, so am really happy you are working on this again.

  3. Oooh, I'm really liking these blocks!

  4. You are so well organized on this project Libby! I would think you'd have to be to get the right "migration" of color look. And yes, definitely! Today's scrappy quilts are made from scraps and/or made using lots of different fabrics instead of only a few - it qualifies :*). I like to start by cutting what I can from my scraps, then I go to fat quarters, and then to yardage if needed. And the scrappier, the better!

  5. Cynthia does have a great eye for designing with scraps. Your quilt will be just as gorgeous. My gosh! you have beautiful fabrics in there and your colour combos are perfect. I so love it. It looks like it needs a lot of preparation though to get all the squares in the right place. It is worth it as your colour degradation is so smooth. Wonderful job Libby! ;^)

  6. Your blocks are looking good! I agree, if it's necessary to cut into yardage to get the variety of fabrics a "scrappy" quilt requires, then so be it. Even if it started as yardage, it still ends up looking like a scrappy quilt. I've been known to purchase ceratin fabrics in order to achieve a scrappy effect. Your Geese Migration will look terrific when it's done.

  7. I like the idea of making 4 patches or 16 patches with the left over squares.

  8. These blocks are beautiful! I love the color tones you are using. Maybe make some 9 patches with those squares. Thanks for sharing your progress with Oh Scrap Libby!

  9. It's all YOUR definition of scrappy...either way...Oh, I love that pattern. Looks wonderful so far.

    HSTs and four patches = Buckeye beauties, Jacob's Ladder.

  10. I mix my scraps and stash all in together for just about every project! Once it's cut, you have scraps, right?! I really like the Geese Migration blocks! Have fun putting them together!

  11. I love these Geese Migration quilts. Your blocks are looking fantastic!

  12. Again, looking good! You are waaaayyyy ahead of me. Yesterday I was wondering what I'll be taking to the retreat. I haven't had any time to prepare for it. I'd like to have a project in mind. Sharon B in Franklin

  13. Great design, Libby. And, yes, trying to use up scraps just begets more scraps.


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