Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wishing for Watermelon

Working with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors for July --
Watermelon Pink and Green - has me thirsting for a bite of watermelon!

Watermelon Seeds
Look, I even have watermelon fabric in there! I think I'll put watermelon on tomorrow's grocery list ...

After making 16-patches from an assortment of 1-1/2" strips, I decided they would make nice centers for Ohio Stars. The centers finish at 4" which made it perfect for me to use assorted 2-1/2" strips as star points.

Watermelon in Ohio
I used my Companion Angle to cut the star points and background from 2-1/2" strips. (In case you've never used one, the large numbers represent the finished size of the quarter square; the little numbers indicate the size of strip required.)

I am using this black remnant as sashing  (those circles remind me of water rings on furniture) ...

I thought about bringing in green as sashing, but none of my scrap greens really did justice to the blocks. Maybe I can bring green into the border, or at least an inner border, or cornerstones ...

Sew I spent most of Monday making stars. Maybe I should have taken a break ...

Because I had a limited amount of the star background I had to stop at 16 blocks. The fact I had only made 17 centers was also a determining factor! I finished all 16 blocks today with only one Frankenstar.

Last of the scraps - one Frankenstar
Tomorrow I'll finish up the sashing and contemplate my navel, uh I mean my border options.

I have a crazy idea floating in my head to use some triangles I ended up not using in the stars. Stay tuned.


  1. I like it! Interesting way to get QST from a strip. I think I have that ruler; I'll have to play.

  2. Great stars! I love watermelon pink. It's so bright and happy. Your sashing fabric is great and you are right... it does look like water rings! Happy comtemplating!

  3. I just learned how to use that ruler even though it has been in studio for years. Amazing what you find when you clean even if you don't find what you are looking for!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Your Frankenstar proves that you were at your machine for too long. That circle print is PERFECT for the sashing! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with those borders.

  5. Looking good! I love all those shades of pink together.

  6. I love Ohio stars, and those are beautiful! (And I believe I've made a few of those oopsy stars as well. Darned hourglasses have no sense of direction...)
    Looking forward to what you do for borders!


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