Saturday, July 30, 2016

Under the Wire

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - July

The color was hot pink, or maybe watermelon pink, or maybe just pink -- with green accents.

The scraps were few -- mostly 1-1/2" strips and 2-1/2" strips.
See what I did!
Ohio Watermelon Stars
I tried to use all the scraps I had and pieces that I had cut.
One leftover 16-patch made its way into the border,
as did the unused black quarter-square triangles.
A whimsical yellow goose -- the golden goose, perhaps --
leads the flock.
Thanks to Angela at soscrappy for hosting Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016.


  1. Love that Golden Goose! And the borders in general. And the stars. All of it, apparently! 8)

  2. What a great finish! I love how you used up all your bits and bobs, and tossed in a little extra color sparkle!

  3. You did a lot with just a few scraps! That is a pretty one!

  4. If this goes missing, you will have to find where I live! I love it! And the yellow sparkle just finishes the look. Great finish, Libby!

  5. It's perfect Libby!!! I'm loving the creative journey you took, choosing which turn to take along the way, wandering where your muse urged you to go :*). And I'm totally loving the "golden" goose leading the way LOL!!!

  6. Fab.U.Lous! what a great use of all those bibs&bobs. And I love the Golden Goose. Well done!

  7. AWESOME!!! It was SEW worth the wait!

  8. Oh. my. This is an amazing quilt using scraps! Really, it's so stylish, whimsical and downright gorgeous eye candy. (can you tell I really like it?) How big is it? You go, girl!

  9. A really lovely scrap finish. The little odd pieces each have a place, like the golden goose in the lead. Congratulations!

  10. Oh, I like it! The surprises in the border are great.


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