Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vacay 5.0

Across the Prairie

Since our house tour was scheduled for 11 a.m., we were able to make a quick circuit by Creative Fires in Springfield, OH. It's not a huge shop, but it has a nice variety and a huge collection of flannels. The owner is very cordial and helpful, definitely worth a stop if you're ever in the Springfield, OH area.


In addition to the R-B-R license plate, I picked up a yard of a nice grey/white low volume dot, a couple yards of a teal diagonal stripe I might use in a border for Tropical Trellis, and a pink/yellow print as potential setting triangles for Terriffic Triangles (Marlene or Ramona suggested a pink/yellow stripe). If it doesn't work, I know I'll love it somewhere.

Our Frank Lloyd Wright tour was at the Wescott House in Springfield.

Wescott House
At 4400 SF, this house is definitely NOT in the Usonian class! It's hard to believe this very modern house was built almost 100 years ago. The tour was absolutely the best we've ever had; the guide was so well-informed, not only on the house itself, but also provided insight into the life and times of the family that built it. Mr. Wescott was one of several wealthy industrialists who built homes on "Millionaire's Row" in Springfield; he was even mayor for a term. Sad to say he ended up penniless in the 1950s. The house was purchased and converted into apartments after he died. When it was purchased by the foundation in 2001, it was in near ruins. It took five years to bring it back to something near its original condition.

With a 4+ hour drive ahead of us, we headed west across the prairie -- very flat prairie. After a brief delay due to a driving rainstorm, we arrived in Kankakee, IL. We had forgotten that we are back in the Central time zone, so the delay was mitigated.

Another quilt shop is on the schedule for the morning, another tour, and then we move on to SW Illinois. Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like you are both having fun.

  2. How fun! Enjoy your travels and tours.

  3. Well you are close to my town now! Are you going to the Fabric Center in Morris, IL after your stop in Kankakee? You're about 45 minutes from there. Also there is a shop in Braidwood called the Countryside Village. I think they are doing the RBR and they are just 5 minutes from me! Enjoy the trip! nLaura V.

  4. You found some pretty fabrics. Sounds like it was a great day.


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