Monday, September 5, 2016

DWM - Note to Self

Make More Notes to Self!

Here's what was on my design wall this morning.

Star Gazing
I started this in December 2013. I completed all the blocks in March of this year.  When I pulled it back out of the box last week, I made the assumption that the blocks had been squared down to 15-1/2". Should have made a note to myself.

The pattern said the horizontal sashing should measure 51-1/2". I learned a long time ago to not cut to the pattern measurement, but put a pin where the end should be.

The first row of blocks came out to 52". However, instead of stitching that sashing on, I worked on the next row of blocks which measured 51-1/2", as did the next two rows. After a little adjusting of seam lines (and losing a few points) I whittled that first row down to size. SO glad I hadn't stitched the sashing on without checking the others! And SO put out with myself that I had not left myself any notes.

Flange made
By the end of the day I had put a tiny flange on all four sides. And began attaching the border.

Pink flange, teal border
This should be an easy finish tomorrow (flimsy).

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  1. Those stars are looking the bias stripe flange! Of all the lies I tell myself the biggest one is "I'll remember that". I'm getting better at putting notes into unfinished projects so I can figure out what I was planning to do...

  2. Assumptions always seem to bite us on the butt, don't they? I try to remember to put those 'note to self' thingamies on the blog, but often forget. (Note to self: leave notes on blog)
    Love that flange!

  3. Nifty star pattern, Libby. Notes are good. I think I will remember but I don't.

  4. I had to chuckle since I was telling myself the same thing yesterday. Marlene

  5. I usually write notes, just can't decipher them later!
    I really like the flange with your border. And that block pattern is new to me, the squares inside teh stars look great.

  6. LOL! I'm really bad about that, too! I just plain forget. And then months (and/or years) later, I *really* forget! :)

  7. Glad you figured it all out before you starting sewing. I never leave myself notes about that kind of thing either. I should probably start.


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