Thursday, September 22, 2016

WIP Wednesday -- on Thursday

Out of the Depths

Sometimes I am amazed at where my mind wanders. I've been sticking to a plan, methodically working through UFOs, with a little bit of cleaning/organizing here and there lately.  This crept out in my latest cleaning binge. No, really, it pretty much JUMPED out and shouted LOOK AT ME!!!

Stars of Summer - by All Through the Night
I'm glad I did because, even though several elements had already been cut, there were some pretty nice fabrics in that project box that could/should go back on the shelf.

I don't know when I started planning this one; the pattern is dated 2012.  I think the pattern preceded the fabric, or maybe it's the other way around.  I was probably in one of my 4-patch posey phases.  Or maybe I was in my Jacobean phase ....

I had these lovely panels that looked like a cross between Jacobean tiles and kaleidoscopic posies. And they were the right size for the pattern.

Harvest Spice by Nancy Davis McMurtry
My original plan was to use this background.

Kinda made me think of worms.  And it didn't really compliment the panels. So even though I had all the strips and squares cut, I put it back on the shelf and chose this marble dot, instead.

Using the pattern picture as inspiration, I chose black for the star points.

But after making a couple of sample blocks I realized that the black simply blended with the purple of the panels when I really wanted contrast in the star points. So I put all that cut fabric back on the shelf, as well, and chose a red, instead.

I'm not sure I will have enough of this red to do both the large stars and small stars so my plan is to cut and kit all the large stars first, then see if I need to bring in another--possibly different color--fabric for the small stars points.

This quilt was nowhere on my radar at the beginning of the week! Now it's migrated to a higher priority. It might be something I take to an upcoming retreat. Or it might go back in the stack. But this time it will be ready to pick up and stitch when I have time.


  1. Wow, your panels are beautiful! It's funny how quilts shout or jump at us sometimes, letting us know it is their turn to be made. :)

  2. When a quilt's time has come, there's no stopping it! And given how much I love stars, I'm really going to enjoy watching these stars run away with you!

  3. Beautiful panel. Warm reds and deep purples look so rich together! I'm sure you'll find another fabric that will work for the rest of the star points. I totally understand how a project can jump out at you and you have to start it immediately. The same thing happened to me this week, but I'll have to put it aside for another deadline. Nice to have fun projects to come back to!

  4. Ooh, I really like how the center pops with the red points. I think you have a solid plan of attack with the larger blocks and then reassessing what to do with the smaller ones.

  5. Oh but it is going to be gorgeous. I love the design you are putting in the center. And you are absolutely right about the black fading into the purple. Red is wonderful. I was thinking green would be great and thought maybe it would look too much like Christmas. And, so much for a good solid set of goal. This quilt just wiggled to the top of the pile. Hopefully you can get some work on it done and maybe it'll get finished!

  6. It's going to be so beautiful, judging from just the one block!

  7. Oh, those "tiles" are beautiful! And the block is just right to show them off.

  8. Oh, those "tiles" are beautiful! And the block is just right to show them off.

  9. All focus needs flexibility to balance it out! I like the red triangles too.


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