Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why Is It? Wednesday

Starting a new thread here with Why Is It? Wednesday

Why is it we use words in day-to-day conversation and, suddenly, one just sounds weird?

Take SHAMPOO, for example. Where did that word come from?  Wouldn't hair soap make more sense?
If I've aroused your interest, the answer can be found at Wikipedia ...

Please feel free to share your favorite weird words.

... and a WIP

And on to my Work In Process (WIP):

I got this far with the baby quilt made from leftovers from Scrumptious Stars.

At this point it is about 32" x 39".  Big enough to cover an infant or use in a car seat. But if I added borders, would it be more useful?

Here's what I'm considering (bear in mind I don't plan to purchase anything):

Funky squares
Jelly beans
Please advise.


  1. Oh the funky squares for sure! When my youngest was about 4, she told me one day that she liked my "wristlace." I asked where she came up with that word and she said (in so many words) if what is around your neck is a "necklace" then what is around your wrist should be a "wristlace." I thought it made perfect sense!

  2. I vote for the border of pink squares too. My Guy and I often have these discussions about words. Though at the moment I can't think of any of them.

  3. Much as I love orange, I actually prefer the jelly beans for the border...
    Love those shooflies. Almost as fun to make as monkeys!

  4. I prefer the funky squares because the lavender in the jelly beans seems distracting compared with the colors in the blocks.
    I like your new word game. Where did the word Quilt come from?

  5. Often many fabrics will "do" for a border but one makes you happier. I like the jelly beans.LeeAnna

  6. I prefer the funky squares for the border. Clever new thread!

  7. Words are wonderful! I subscribe to Anu Garg's Word-a-Day.


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