Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Like


Especially, roadside whimsy.

Unfortunately, it's nigh impossible to photograph whimsical situations as you pass at highway speeds, but I can give you a couple of examples that always make me smile.

I like Bison Meadow Park.  There is a small, 2-acre park near our home that I pass frequently on my way to the grocery.  You can read all about it here.  There are mown paths that wind through fields of native wildflowers; however, the focal features of the park are the topiary bison that are easily visible from the highway.

As if a topiary bison is not whimsical enough,  they receive special adornment in December.

Makes me smile every time!

I like community support of local institutions.  On our recent trip to Conway, Arkansas to visit Son-2's family we observed this University of Central Arkansas bear, climbing an off-campus commercial building.

Even though I thought it looked more like a large beetle, I smiled at the intent.

I am joining others who celebrate the positive things in life over at Not Afraid of Color.


  1. Bison! I have bison stories from living in Edmonton Alberta. Encounters! They are huge, probably topiary sized! I love to spot whimsical things too... it's part of our artistic eye, noting the unusual. My husband seldom notices these things but I point them out.

  2. I love the bows on the topiary bison! We have a wooden bear my grandpa made in our front lawn and I tend to wrap Christmas lights around him during the holidays. And the climbing bear reminds me of another large bear at the Denver convention center- he's huge and posed looking inside the giant atrium, so it's pretty fun.

  3. I love public art! You see it in so many places these days, and I think it makes driving through a town so much fun. I would definitely enjoy the bison topiary!

  4. The topiary bison are quite a sight, love those red bows.

  5. Gotta love topiary bison! We have a plush stuffed animal bison on our hearth -
    doesn't everyone?! - and our two-year old grandson can say Buffalo clearly. So cute.

  6. I liked the pictures of nature - so dreamy! The bear made me smile! Such creativity! Awesome share!


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