Saturday, July 15, 2017

So Considerate!

Wasn't it considerate of Angela (Rainbow Scrap Challenge), Alycia (Alycia Quilts), and Kevin (Kevin the Quilter) to all choose BLUE projects for July?

Forget, for now, that I am doing Kevin's mystery in amber instead of blue.  The point is that I am using tons -- well, maybe a few ounces -- of amber/gold/butterscotch strips from my overflowing scrap bins.

Amber Stars - Clue 1
And scrap busting is the point, after all.  For Alycia's A6 Mystery I have taken two large chunks of blue off the shelf.

A6 Mystery - Clue 1
These blocks are huge!  Hopefully that means the finished quilt will come together quickly.

I haven't made any more progress on my RSC17 blocks this week.  Instead I've been working on Long Time Gone (Jen Kingwell design).  Talk about a scrap buster!  I had a large collection of black/white prints, in both strips and FQs. 

Long Time Gone - sashing option
My plan is to incorporate some pops of color; the sashing may be a little over-the-top, however.  The jury is still out.  I'm going to finish a few more sections before making a final decision.

Rather than work my way through all the blocks, I'm working on one section at a time.  That way, if I run out of fabric (not likely) or lose interest (could happen), I'll have sections for a smaller quilt.  This week I worked on courthouse steps to finish out one section ...

... and pineapples to go with a large block of HSTs.

Working with 1" strips has been challenging, at best.  And don't even get me started on the paper piecing!  There is so much variety in all the different blocks, I can understand why so many people have been captivated by this pattern.

I encourage you to visit soscrappy to see what others are doing with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


  1. Wow, you're making fast progress on all your projects, especially LTG. Can't wait to see it come together in your B&W palette. I've seen many in multi colors, but yours is refreshing. I agree with you about the jury being out on the rainbow sashing. What else is the jury considering?

  2. Nice progress this week, Libby!! All of the projects seem to be coming along nicely. LOVE those A6 blocks in BLUE!!

  3. I like the sashing you're showing with your LTG blocks - it's a fun pop of color with black and white fabrics. That project has so many different and interesting blocks!

  4. Putting a variety of patterns together, unified by b/w, is a great way to keep adding and doing whatever strikes your fancy. Love the colored strips, just enough I think. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love the sashing on your LTG. It will lift the whole quilt.

  6. I love that sashing! There is plenty of black to tie it in. And those pineapples are stunning too. Carry on!

  7. There's some really variety in your blocks. I especially like your Talking Turkey blocks.

  8. I love your black and white blocks. The pops of color are such a nice surprise. And I agree about paper piecing... it gives such a nice look, but I do not enjoy the process. You have been busy this week!

  9. You've got some fun projects in the works. I really like the black and white blocks with that rainbow sashing. Happy stitching this next week.

  10. Oh the A6 blocks are Beautiful!!!! Yay!!!

  11. You certainly are keeping yourself busy with all these quilt projects. Love your black and white blocks. Fun to see Alycia's mystery in different fabrics.

  12. What fun all your projects are! I like the blues you used in A6, too.


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