Sunday, July 23, 2017

LTG Update

Long Time Gone

I refuse to let this be a long time going project.  So I forge on.

The variety of the blocks has to be the main attraction of this popular quilt pattern by Jen Kingwell.  That and the great scrap busting opportunities.  Take a look at the original.

Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell
In my humble OCD mind, the pattern is organized by units, blocks (which may be part of a larger block or a block unto themselves), and sections of blocks which are filled out with checkerboards or sashing to be the same size as an adjoining section.  In the pattern book it is organized by the basic unit so that you might need to make 100+ HSTs which will go into three or more different blocks. 

I have opted to work by section, using the 1-1/2" checkerboard squares as leaders and enders.  My first completed section includes one of the first units (bowties), some of the courthouse steps blocks, and some of the HSTs, along with two sections of checkerboard and some sashing (still under consideration).

From there I moved on to this section that includes more HSTs and three of the sixteen pineapple blocks.  (Editor's note:  These may be the ONLY pineapples in the quilt!)

This next block is supposed to go into the blank space above, but I'm not crazy about it with the rainbow sashing so I may end up making a less-muddled version later if I decide to keep the sashing.

This past week I worked on the last HST block ...

... some pyramids ...

... (there will be 12 more pyramids in that block), and another group of courthouse steps.

I can see that my flannel-backed table cloth design wall needs to be replaced.  (Coming soon with new developments.)

One of the fun things about scrappy quilts is the juxtaposition of fabrics.

Totally unplanned, the chevron stripe looks like rooftops over the windows and the loose thread becomes the chimney smoke.

I auditioned several colors for sashing.  Light blue was blah and orange was eh; but a bold saturated yellow might make the cut.

Trouble is, I don't have enough of any suitable fabric to complete the whole quilt so I will do some purposeful shopping at Tennessee Quilts this week during the Quilt Fest sale. 

So that's LTG, for now.  It's been a productive week.

Like up with Oh Scrap at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.


  1. I agree that the variety of blocks gives a lot of interest to this quilt, and it's fun to look at the ones you've made so far up close. I think the sashing could be a tough decision, but I do like that yellow! You're making great progress, Libby!

  2. I really love the black and white with pops of color. The yellow looks like a ray of sunshine. And Darn! You have to go fabric shopping?? Have fun. :)

  3. When is shopping a bad thing ?!

    I like your black and white version. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. I'm just fascinated by your black and white blocks! Your crazy multi-color stripy fabric makes me giggle - I love all that popping color. But that yellow looks great, too! (I've got some butter yellow on the way to see if I'll like it in my LTG...)

  5. Yellow sashing could be a winner. Have fun at the Quilt Fest!!

  6. wow - that is going to be soooo cool!!

  7. I love that you've gone with a completely different color scheme than the original! I like the yellow a lot, but I understand wanting to use something from your stash!

  8. I really like the sashing you're considering.

  9. I can see why you are considering a solid color for the sashing. The yellow pops and would draw the eye around the quilt. Have fun at the Tennesse Quilt Show.

  10. Wow, your LTG is coming right along and looking great. Have fun shopping for sashing fabric.

  11. My favorite so far is the pyramid blocks. All the blocks are great. Enjoy your time at Quiltfest.


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