Monday, July 10, 2017

What I'm Working On

Until the next clues come from Kevin and Alycia, I'm staying busy with "Long Time Gone."

After my fiasco with the Bowtie blocks -- too big -- I have decided to take them apart and trim them down.

In the meantime I have assembled 35 HSTs for the second group of blocks ...

I'm trying to make a dent in my black/white prints and I'm throwing in a spot of bright color here and there.

I've also made the 28 HSTs for the second block, but they are not stitched together yet.

I reversed some of the blocks in the upper left and lower right corners after looking at this picture so that there is more of a dark streak going diagonally from corner to corner.  I'll post another picture after I get it together.

So here are the three blocks so far.  

I wanted to see if my black and white scheme is working.  So far, I'm satisfied.

I have a basket of 1-1/2" squares and twosies ready to be leaders/enders.

I think the Crosses of the UK blocks will be next.  And in between I'll try to fit in a pineapple block every day or two so I won't be stuck with doing 16 of them at the very end.


  1. After you posted about those bow tie blocks before, I wondered what you would do with them. It's such a pain to undo something like that, but probably worth it in the end. I really like the black and white with a little bit of color!

  2. I like those bright spots of color that peak out from the blocks. It's a very fun project. Happy stitching this week.

  3. I had to look up Long Time Gone. Wow! I really like it -- busy, busy. You'll be able to use up a lot of B&W bits and pieces.

  4. Oh, I really love what you've got going! Will you use a color for the sashing - like red? (I've always loved black/white/red...)

  5. Love, love, LOVE that you are using black and white for this one. And that POP! of color?? It's absolutely perfect!!

  6. Oh your HST's are so perfect. Boy do I appreciate that as I grapple with my patchwork blocks these days. And I love how this colourway is turning out.

  7. Love those blocks. The bit of color is really neat.

  8. I like the black and white with tiny bits of red - definitely works for me.


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