Saturday, July 8, 2017

Moody Blues

Not really
That title just popped into my head

This week I found enough minutes in the sewing mess I call my studio to make:

Three chunky churn dash blocks ...

Chunky Churn Dash
... and the center of a Scrap Jar Star.

I pulled fabrics for Alycia's mystery ...

Alycia Quilts mystery A6
... and finished Clue #1 of Kevin the Quilter's mystery Sapphire Stars:

Sapphire (Amber) Stars
Not blue, I know.  So I'm calling it Amber Stars.  Or maybe Butterscotch Stars.

Hop over to Angela's place, soscrappy, to see other cool and moody blues.


  1. Looks like your making good progress on all your projects!

  2. You had a very productive week! I may have to take a stab at Kevin's mystery. I really like the start you've made on that mystery.

  3. Lots of pretty blues you've got there, and Amber Stars is going to be beautiful!

  4. I love your moody blue blocks. Obviously, they're all good moods! I especially ❤️ Your chunky churns!

  5. You're going to be busy working two mystery quilts at the same time. Pretty chunky churn dash blocks.

  6. You've got a lot of good things going there in blue. Have a fun week!.

  7. Never heard of the chunky churn dash, but its a pretty block. I love the blues!

  8. I'm voting for butterscotch stars, but don't mind me...
    Your chunky churn dashes get more tempting every time you flash them!

  9. Chunky churn dash blocks are fun. Happy sewing.

  10. You had me at Moody Blues!!! I had all of their albums back in the day!
    Like the Chunky Blues too and I also have a Sewing Mess Room.

  11. Nice work! Every little bit is a little more than you had sewn before.

  12. Good start with your moody blues - I especially like the Chunky Churn Dashes!

  13. Butterscotch Stars sounds perfect... and yummy also! I really like those churn dash tilted like that... you will have to experiment with sashing to see how it works out.


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